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About Institute

GITR Film and Television School (GITR)
Contact: mail@gitr.ru 
GITR is a private, Government approved, non-commercial, economically and politically independent institute.  It was established in 1994 by the TV director, Laureate of Government Award of the Russian Federation, M.A.Litovchin. The institute is preparing specialists of all creative professions for television and radio companies.  
President:  Dr Valentine Valentinovich Lazytkin – MA (Philosophy), PhD (Politics)
Rector: Prof. Yuri Michailovich Litovchin, PhD

Structure of Institute
• Full-time Study (6 Faculties)
• Part-time Study (5 Faculties)
• Post Graduation
• 2nd Higher Degree
• Foundation Course
• Short courses – Professional Development

• Journalism
• TV Directing
• Multi-media Directing
• Camera Operation
• Sound Directing – Film & TV
• Organisational Management
• Producing
• Scenography
• Art
• Graphics

Academic Staff
70 people incl. 31 MA’s, 16 PhDs.
70% of academic staff currently work in TV and radio, many are members of professional bodies. Amongst them are several well-known TV and radio personalities, such as journalists Igor Fesynenko, Kira Greigorieva, directors Boris Morgunov, Tanya Nelson

All students have practice during the education in a number of TV and radio stations, incl. Radio Majak, central TV channels: Russia, Channel 1, NTV, TVS and others.
There are approximately 1200 students from all forms of education,  80% students find work in their specialities after graduation.

Equipment & Facilities
The Institute uses state-of-the-art equipment – studios, pavilions, photo laboratory, sound mixing room, large variety of lighting equipment, latest professional cameras, computer suites with 24 Apple Mac workstations using Final Cut Pro. In addition, we have one complete technical station for outside and off-site broadcasts. GITR also has a library and café.  The Institute is constructing a new modern building.

GITR has its own publishing house. As well as publishing texts books of own academic staff, we translate from English to Russian, and distribute, a number of other specialist TV and Radio books from various foreign publishers including Focal Press, Elsever (United Kingdom.).

GITR regularly organises TV and radio professional conferences

International Projects
GITR joins international student film festivals, including “Media School Festival” in Lodz (Poland), “Berlinale” in Berlin (Germany), festivals in Tel Aviv  (Israel) and Prague (Czech.) 
We are developing co-operation with a number of foreign universities, including Fresenius in Cologne (Germany), Edge Hill University (England), Bournemouth University (England.)
GITR is interested to consider international co-operation, such as:
• Exchange of methodology of study in foreign universities in similar departments. 
• Short exchange of tutors for briefings in methodology of study in foreign universities departments 
• Short exchange of students for short periods 
• Master classes by foreign tutors 
• Short practice in foreign TV & radio stations, newspapers, etc.   
• Possibility of study following the programmes of two universities (own university & foreign university) and receiving both Universities diplomas. 
• Organising short courses using other University’s brand with our own. 
• Joint festivals and other activities (e.g. presentations, exhibitions, etc..)
If you have any ideas for co-operation with GITR, please contact:
Tanya Nelson, Deacon of Journalism Department, International Projects Co-ordinator
Email: lit@gitr.ru

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